Autumn Room

Autumn in the Lowlands: it rains and the large lime trees of Fontanelle’s tree-lined avenue that leads to our guesthouse drop their yellowing leaves so much so that they cover the pavements and roads. It seems that everything wants to let the summer go with that touch of cheerfulness that will soon lead to enjoying our countryside’s tasty cooked food, the fire and resting under warm  blankets. “Autumn” is a beautiful story published in the CANDIDO on 2nd November 1947 which then became a chapter in the first “Don Camillo”. A commemoration for those who died in the Great War takes place, but Peppone doesn’t want to know about it and takes it out on the priest.

The 4th November used to be the day to commemorate the Fallen and is now the celebration of the Armed Forces of Unified Italy.
There is a commemorative plaque in the Museum next to the guesthouse.

The room has a warm décor, with natural autumnal colours. The solid wood bed, the beams and the bathroom: everything provides the safety and comfort of a warm and familiar environment.

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