The Hostaria da Ivan Restaurant

The Hostaria da Ivan Restaurant

Our cuisine focuses on typical dishes from Parma and the Parma lowlands.
These are the traditional dishes mentioned by Verdi and Giovannino Guareschi and, thanks to small local producers,we can source genuine, artisanal products and ingredients.

Long-aged cured meats such as culatello, spalla cruda and prosciutto extra are carefully selected and are matured over a long period of time. The menu is seasonal especially for those products that are only processed during the foggy season, such as cotechino, mariola and the cured meats themselves.

Fried tosone cheese, the woven tortelli with dandelion, the three-ragu lasagne, the anolini della bassa, the tripe alla parmigiana, the old-fashioned zabaglione and the dry pastries: everything is cooked as if for a big family.

A special menu is dedicated to the dishes mentioned by Guareschi in his “Little World” and in the stories of “Don Camillo and Peppone”

Next to our restaurant is Giovannino Guareschi’s birthplace and the museum dedicated to him.

Our setting

Our house contains the restaurant, a veranda overlooking a lovely Italian garden, our home and the guesthouse.

Thanks to Ivan and Barbara’s hospitality, entering the hosteria makes you feel like a guest in a friends’ home enjoying food and wine with pleasant and relaxing conversation.
In the tranquillity of the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, dive into the past and let yourself go!

Wine cellar and store

Along with the bottles of wine sit large and sought-after cured meats.


Buy wine and products from the SALUMOTERAPIA STORE:
prices, delivery and payments can be arranged by telephone or e-mail.

You can also use the TAKEAWAY SERVICE for hot and cold dishes from the hosteria which you can collect by prior arrangement and booking.