Winter room

“Here is the village, here is the little world planted somewhere in northern Italy. It’s there in that slice of fat land that lies between the river and the mountains, between the Po and the Apennines. Dense, frozen fog oppresses it in winter; in summer the merciless sun beats down like a furious hammer on people’s heads and everyone gets exasperated. Here, political passions explode violently and fights are difficult, but men always remain men and things happen that cannot happen anywhere else”. – Guareschi

A room and bathroom with a magical atmosphere in blue and white to let you experience the emotions of the season which always has a special atmosphere in this area: the fog envelops lights, objects and people, giving charm to hidden things, while silence and peaceful sleep are all around.

The osteria is always ready with comforting warm dishes, linked to local traditions, which you can find on the menu.

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